The Inspire Praise Bible

I signed up to receive an early release copy of the new Inspire Praise Bible.  (I’m not sure if they are still available or not, but I got the Inspire Praise Launch Team Package.)  When I saw the purple cover and heard that it had all new line art and thicker pages, I couldn’t wait!


When it arrived, I looked at my Illustrated Faith “Word Nerd” kit and I looked at my “Inspire Praise Bible” and froze with a silly fear:  “I don’t know how to do purple.”  Don’t get me wrong, I really like purple, but I’ve been working with Illustrated Faith supplies since they were introduced, and historically, purple has been missing for the most part.

I took some pictures of my Bible and started a Pinterest board to get some color inspiration.  Now that I am over that initial hurdle, I am delighted!  (And I’m finding that most of my Illustrated Faith supplies still work great.)  This Bible has a theme:  Praise!  And it just feels natural to want to add my own words of praise as I illustrate the passages.  The Bible is just a little big bigger than the original Inspire Bible.  The pages are slightly thicker, but still feel like Bible paper.  I can still trace images through the paper.

What I love most about the Inspire Bible:  The illustrators of both the original Inspire Bible and the new Inspire Praise Bible have selected wonderful Biblical texts.  They have highlighted the verses from each book of the Bible that have spoken to generation after generation.  Someone new to the Bible could literally get drawn right into these beautiful passages.

A few thoughts about the translation:  The Bible is in the New Living Translation, which conveys the meaning of the ancient Hebrew and Greek on a thought-for-thought basis as we might speak today.  I find that translations that strive to stay word-for-word like the King James Version and the English Standard Version (which evolved from the Revised Standard Version) have a rhythm about them that is familiar even when the exact wording is slightly different.  That being said, the New Living Translation is inviting and clear.  As I read it, I find myself checking it against other translations, especially when I hit a passage I may have memorized before.  Generally, I have been pleased with how the thoughts are expressed, especially in terms of preserving the meaning while making the text easier to understand.

The combination of the illustrations with the easy-to-understand text make this a good Bible for both beginners and people who want to hear and experience the Word in a fresh way after having heard it all their lives.

Let me show you some pictures.  Here’s the inside cover…


The back cover has a little pocket with some ready-to-color stickers….


There is line art in the margins, but there are still plenty of pages with blank journaling space.


And full pages to color.


The Inspire Praise Bible also has some elegantly illustrated full-color vellum pages with room to journal…


To get started, I printed out some different pages from the Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop.  I held the pages up to the Bible and found one that harmonized with the purples.  When the color is right everything just pops, and for me, it takes a little trial and error to find that magical moment of “Yes!”.  The page below is from the Seek Inspiration Journal Kit.


Then I looked for colors in my art supplies to match the colors in the printable.  I’ve discovered that when I am drawn to a piece of artwork done by others, it’s often the colors that I love.  If I stick with the same color scheme in my own work, I’m almost always pleased with the final result.

After printing out the printable onto card stock, I cut the shapes with scissors, leaving a border of white around the edge, which makes cutting easier and also tends to look better than cutting too close the design.

Here’s my first page…


I plan to be following along with Illustrate Faith’s Gratitude Documented this November, and I’ll be sharing my pictures on Instagram if you want to follow along.  I’m a little late to the Instagram party, but I so enjoy seeing the many, many Bible Journaling posts there.

Here’s a link to the free printable with prompts for the month of November.  Shanna Noel is hosting a pop-up group for this challenge if you would like to join in!



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