Created to Create #2

I didn’t want to let September go by without sharing some of the pages I did from the “Created to Create #2” kit from Illustrated Faith.

I’ve been pondering some of the questions from the devotional…

What are your goals for your art?

At an Illustrated Faith event in Virginia, I heard Shanna Noel encourage everyone to share their Bible journaling on social media.  She said:  “Maybe your art is beautiful and inspiring or maybe you are the one that helps others realize they can do this.”  When I heard the second part of her sentence, I thought, “Yes! I want to encourage others to try Bible Journaling.”  I would encourage anyone, regardless of artistic ability, to just enjoy the process!

(I’ve been using this kit together with my Inspire Bible with line art to color.)


What are my joys?

It’s a joy for me to spend time in the Word and to be more aware of God’s presence as I spend time in the Word.  Responding to the Bible in creative ways helps me reconnect with how I first experienced the Bible as a child in Sunday school, in a loving and devoted way.

I also enjoy supporting the creative efforts of others; I have fun using the devotional kits and printable pages that artists make.  I especially love when I do a devotional created by someone else and it turns out to be just what I needed to hear or helps me understand a passage more deeply.

(In the passage below, I picked some Pitt Artist brush pens to match the color scheme for the kit.  I’ve been reluctant to use markers in my Bible, so I was surprised to discover that these really don’t bleed.  Colored pencils work wonderfully, but if you like markers, these are a good choice.)


Here’s the backside of the page colored with the Pitt Artist Brush Pens.


What is your idea behind what Bible journaling means to you?

For me personally, Bible Journaling is just a fun and relaxing way to spend time in the Word.  The creative process helps me to focus on the passage, to make it personal to me, so that I can live into the Word in my daily life.

IMG_7888 (1)

How does my Bible Journaling glorify our amazing Father?

From a young age, I learned that our purpose in life is to bring glory to God and enjoy God’s presence forever.  I know that Bible journaling helps me enjoy God’s presence and I hope that it brings glory to God.  God has given us the gift of a Bible, a book that has spoken to countless generations telling the story of God’s people and our savior Jesus Christ.  When my children look through my Bible, they can tell how important it is to me.  They can see the verses that spoke to me.  My Bible journaling demonstrates that the Bible is not just a book on the shelf, but the book that shapes who I am as a person.


It’s hard to believe that three years have gone by since I first started Bible journaling (and this blog–I just renewed the domain name).  At the time, I wasn’t sure how to begin, what supplies to use, what pens wouldn’t bleed.  My first Bible is filled with trial and error!

Now that Bible journaling has exploded, it is easy to find all kinds of supplies.  Illustrated Faith offers washi tape, stickers, stamps, and tip-ins.  Michaels sells supplies for Bible journaling.  You can buy introductory books on the subject.  When I started, there were only a few Bibles to choose from when I started and now there are many Bibles like the Inspire Bible, with line art to color.  New Bibles are coming out with thicker pages!  See the new Inspire Bible and this Bible from Crossway.  I started with a Bible, some pens, and a few stickers.  Now my craft supply area is overflowing with fun supplies to inspire me to spend more time in the Bible.  I almost can’t keep up!  I can’t wait to start the next kit!  I’m so proud to be a “Word Nerd”!


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