Lifeway Bible Journaling Event

If you happen to live near a Lifeway Store, the store is having a nation-wide Bible Journaling workshop today.  The first workshop happened already, but there is another one today at 6:00.

The class in my home town was taught by a new friend of mine, who has been Bible journaling for about two and half years.  The best part about the class for me was connecting with people locally who love to Bible journal.

Lifeway provided free Bible Journaling workbooks.  You can download a copy for free if you can’t make the class.


I came home inspired to trace one of the images from the free workbook book.  I taped graphite paper to my Bible and taped the image on top.


I loved spending some time in Psalm 50.  Here’s the final result…


If you have time this evening, come out to a workshop.  You’ll learn a few new things and meet other Bible Journalers from your area.  And if you come to the store in Chambersburg, I’ll be there as a helper!



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