Art, Education and Spiritual Formation…for Artists like YOU!

This month the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators newsletter is featuring the theme: “The Educator as Artist.”  Since so many of you connected to this “Journaling the Bible” blog are educators and artists, I wanted to share this great resource with you.


This newsletter “The Educator as Artist”  features articles by Sybil MacBeth author of “Praying in Color” (check out the new version of her classic – one that includes coloring pages!), Lisa Nichols Hickman author of “Writing in the Margins”, Allison Wehrung, Theresa Cho and Carmel Tinnes.  You might find of particular interest Lisa’s article on the blog “Making Art in Your Bible.”


Enjoy these resources – and let us know how they inspire your work, your life, your worship, your reading of scripture!

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