This week Pat Nygren Davis’ Bible journaling caught my eye with her colorful poppies.


She explained that in her study of Numbers 18:28-29 she learned the Israelites were commanded to give their best to the Levites. The Levites in turn were instructed to give their best. Only the best of the best was a worthy gift to the Lord. Her prayer after reading?  “How I can give the best of my best to the Lord?”  (Pat said she modeled this page after watching a periscope by Ashley Haake (aka @magmagandme)).

I reached out to her to learn a bit more about her.  She said she was a self-professed “math nerd” who got hooked on Bible journaling.  I asked her how she got into Bible journaling.  Here’s what she had to say:

I have always learned through writing/jotting/doodling.  I can’t use the calendar on my phone because appointments don’t register in my brain unless I write it in my paper calendar.  Books I own are all marked up and full of underlining and notes. Here is one of my first Bible Art Journaling pages – “He is Risen!”


I don’t know how I came to buy a book titled  Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of Your Bible It gave me permission to jot, note and underline in my Bible.  What?!?! I began by drawing a little heart in the margin every time Scripture mentioned God’s love for me – WOW!  There’s a bunch!

That led to buying a wide margin Bible and I started doodling through Psalms and my CBS study in Matthew.  It is still the Bible I take to church and use for my Bible studies.  I can find Matthew 15:27 “Yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” easily because I remember doodling a little dog in the corner of that page!


My supplies at that time included crayola twistable pencils, a few chalk pastels, gel bible highlighters and a black sharpie no-bleed pen (through trial and error on what could be used without bleeding through).

Then I saw a Facebook post of an acquaintance who had journaled a tree for Psalm 1.  I was so excited!  She mentioned Illustrated Faith and Bible Journaling, so I began my research online and found Facebook groups and Instagram feeds!  I ordered a journaling Bible right away.  My first entry was for Easter 2016 and was done with chalk pastels and a black chalk marker I had. Then I was hooked!

I am so thankful for the Instagram and Facebook communities of Bible Art Journalers!  (I haven’t found very many in my city.)  I have learned so much and they are a great encouragement.  I have not seen anyone else’s Journaling Bible in real life!

My favorite part about BAJ is the time spent reading and mulling over the Word and then figuring out how to put my thoughts and feelings in art form (AND be something I can actually do! Let’s just say I have troubles with faces and hands!).  It’s using creativity to make the Word of God alive to me in a personal way.


Right now I am working through the end of Deuteronomy as part of trying to read the Bible in a year.  Trying to see beyond the OT laws and sacrifices to what the scripture says about God has helped me grow in understanding of our great God. He is the same today, yesterday and always!

Lately I’ve enjoyed doing “Tiny Scripture Doodles.”


A friend named Nichole got me hooked.   Her Instagram name is (at)goosekeeperdesigns. She has an etsy store where she sells travelers notebooks etc. She sells a monthly undated calendar with 1″x2″ blocks that works great but one could just draw out their own blocks if desired.

The above picture is one of the months I did while going through Psalms. Check out #tinyscripturedoodles on Instagram and see the variety of styles. I enjoyed doing them as it kept me in the Word each day. Most days I would read the Psalm in the morning, reflect on it through the day, and then do a quick doodle on the calendar in the evening.

Some of my favorite supplies now include Watercolors and Pigma Micron Pens, though I started with Crayola Twistable Pencils, gel highlighters, chalk pastels, and a Sharpie no-bleed black pen. My medium of choice now is watercolor and I’m trying acrylic paint.  I have played with NeoColor IIs and watercolor pencils.  I own a set of Prismacolor pencils and use them in my regular (non-journaling Bible).   I also like the Tombow Kuretake Fude pen for lettering and the Pigma Micron black pens. My current favorite watercolors are Pelikan and Windsor-Newton Cotman.  I’ll usually try anything once!

I would not call myself an artist (before BAJ I had not touched a paintbrush since junior high art class!), but I LOVE the journey of learning new things.  I have used internet images to trace (not so much anymore), to copy, and to be inspired.  I study other people’s work and check out periscopes and YouTube tutorials on Bible Art Journaling, watercolor, lettering, and any other kind of art that might find its way into my Bible.

My prayer is that my pages reflect our Lord God and give God glory and honor and praise.


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