That We May Proclaim King of Kings and Lord of Lords

As I was putting my daughter to bed tonight, I was thinking about God as King of Kings.  I was thinking about believers around the world and how hearts are changed when they encounter God, how God arouses within us a desire to bring glory to Him.  It’s the most incredible, amazing power, especially because it depends upon our free response to it.  It’s never coercive, but inviting of our participation because it is such a joy to have Jesus in our heart, and when we experience this, we know we want to enjoy His loving presence forever.  Jesus says not a sparrow falls from the sky without God knowing and God embraces all of us, leading us all to be saints for his kingdom.  What a blessing!

All day long, I’ve had the song “He Reigns” stuck in my head.  I just watched the video and the images of believers around the world echoed my thoughts.

As I continue through Miss Clara’s prayer, I’ll join my voice to the loud Halleluiah chorus:  King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!  He Reigns!!!


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