Tia Stanfield and her incredible Note-taking approach to Bible Journaling…

Thank you Lisa Nichols Hickman for sharing Tia’s beautiful, heartfelt comments!

After seeing Tia Stanfield’s photos on the Journaling Bible Community Facebook page – I knew I had to get to know this gal. Her pages are not filled with illustrations, but with back to basic highlighting and note-taking. For those of us overwhelmed by all the artistic approaches to Bible journaling, Tia is a great reminder of what is the essence of this craft: praying, reading, taking Scripture to heart and letting a wonderful conversation begin. I reached out to Tia this week to get to know her just a bit.

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Tia, tell me a bit about your life….
I’m a SAHM to our two girls, Abbie 12 & Lily 8. My husband and I have been married for 15 years, together 17. Both my girls are ADHD, so keep me rather busy and with Abbie starting Jr High, that is getting even crazier. They do Girl Scouts, youth group and Abbie does Taekwondo, so I play mom taxi most days. I love being a full time mom and wife.

We go to Good Shepherd CC in Boring, Oregon. It’s an amazing church to call home. Real bible teaching. We are currently working through James and will start Hebrews in Sept. I like that it is taught from the ESV translation. We have been attending Good Shepherd for 14 years. I’m excited for Women’s bible study to start up in Sept. We are going to be going through the first 5 books of the OT.

My mom was hit and run over by a car in 2000. Due to this and her diabetes, she is unable to live alone. So, she and my brother live with us. It can be rather challenging as she is a rather negative person and a bit demanding with little concern for what is someone else’s. I’m am trying to honor God by honoring her but it is a daily struggle, I have to admit.

How did you get started with Bible journaling?

I had a few likes on my Facebook page and saw Time Warp Wife’s bible pages that she shares on her time line and I fell in love. I found a group for bible journaling and bought a journaling bible. I managed a few pages with art and lettering but quickly realized I was not going to be able to do what I wanted with my limited art skills. Sadly, I don’t have time or money to take class to become a better artist, so I put it up for about a year. Then, God inspired me to change how I was using the journaling bible.

I always wanted my journaling bible to be a gift to my girls. So, I started highlighting verses that spoke to me and adding notes and prayers to go along with them. I am loving how this is drawing me closer to God and that I am leaving them a gift that will have meaning to them one day.

Tell us about a time when Bible journaling made a difference in your life:

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, the pregnancy pinched off a nerve in my lower back that caused long term nerve damage. Then, when I went in for the C-section to have her, there was an issue getting the needle in correctly for the spinal, also causing long term nerve damage. Due to this, I was unable to sit in any chair/seat that was not super soft. On top of that, I had some health issues that made me rather dormant for about 6 years. I was unable to sit at church, walk for a long time, keep up with the girls. I was just existing, not living.

As I was unable to do bible study at church, I started doing the SOAP studies from Love God Greatly. They did a study on Psalm 119. I was studying verse 37. When I read it in the amplified, I was moved to tears.

…restore me to vigorous life and health in Your ways.

These words were a promise from God that I did not have to continue to life a half life.

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I prayed these words and God moved me to start low carb eating. That was in late July 2015. As of today, I have lost 96 pounds. I can now walk 2.25 miles in an hour. I can sit at church with a lot less discomfort. I am starting the bible study again for the first time in 9 years. (Last time was when I was pregnant with my youngest, before this all started.) I can breathe better with my asthma. The Lord is fulfilling His promise to me, daily. Only with God, I was able to lose 50 pounds in 3.5 months from not cheating once in my new way of eating. That is God, not me, not will power.

What supplies are helpful to your process?

I love my micron pens and the no bleed sharpies (black case not the grey). I just started using the new sharpie highlighters with the see-thru window in the tip. Really nice and they are not too dark, so they don’t ghost much and rarely bleed. I also love my ruler for making straight lines for arrows to a special verse. I use pink, orange, green and blue. Sadly, purple is just too dark, it bleeds through really bad.


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