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This is a bit of an unplanned post.  I just had so much fun tonight that I needed to share.  I ordered a copy of The Inspire Bible from Amazon.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long while, and I am so glad that I finally did.  It is a beautiful Bible and it’s the best coloring book I’ve ever owned rolled into one.  Pure happiness!  It’s a bit of a different experience that Bible Journaling.  When I play in my regular Journaling Bible, I tend to think about the verse that I plan to illustrate for a long time before I get started.  I do a lot of processing before hand.  With the Inspire Bible, I just opened to a page and started coloring, which was both relaxing and edifying at the same time.  There are plenty of blank pages in the Bible, too, to add your own artwork, and you can always add tip-ins if want to add your art to a page that has already been illustrated, but for me, I’ll keep journaling in my other Bible and color in this one.017.Here’s the page, I opened to.  I really felt encouraged as I worked on this page.  It’s good to think that God made us who we are for the times and experiences that we meet in our lifetime.  Colored pencils are a great option for coloring this Bible.


We took a drive as a family last night, which gave me time to look through all of the illustrations.  As I looked at the verses that were so carefully selected, I thought, “This is my Bible.”  Whoever put this together did a wonderful job picking a familiar verse for the start of each chapter and highlighting other well-known verses that have spoken to generations.  One of the things that has meant so much to me as I see posts in the Journaling Bible Community or on Instagram is just seeing so many people sharing words of encouragement and hope from the Bible.  You can find difficult passages in the Bible, of course, but for those of us who read the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the verses that breathe life into us are the ones you’ll find scattered throughout the pages of the this Bible, ready to color!  Feeling happy!


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  1. I have loved my Inspire Bible too, sometimes when I am just too tired and empty- this has been the perfect Bible to pick up for some time of refreshment!

    • That’s exactly how I was feeling last night, but after an hour coloring with my little girl beside me, I felt like a new person.

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