Happy Camper

Illustrated Faith is offering a 12-week Bible Journaling Revival Camp, and I felt inspired to sign up.  The course includes printables, a weekly devotional, and videos from Shanna Noel.  I watched the first couple videos today.  I always enjoy watching Shanna Noel create and also her heart-felt messages, and the videos are just the right length.

My project for the evening was putting together my travel journal.  It was helpful to have a color printer and a paper trimmer.  I printed out all of the printables onto cardstock.  There were three options for the cover, and I decided to go with grey.  The printables included a “field workbook” page, but I decided it was beyond my ability to get those to print correctly and line up neatly, and blank pages work just fine for me!


I trimmed the cover.  Then I trimmed seven pages of regular printer paper to size.  I folded and creased the pages.  And then searched all over my house for a stapler that might work for the final assembly.  We have three staplers in the house, and none of them were quite right.  I just folded the back pages over.  This gave the back part of my travel journal an immediate “worn” look that works just fine for this project.


I was pleased with the final result, especially the “doodle badges” page that I somehow managed to print correctly on the backside of the cover page!

the book

This is my first ever attempt at making a travel journal.  It was a pretty easy project.  I have used the travel journals before that come with many of the Illustrated Faith kits.  They provide a nice workbook for generating ideas for Bible Journaling or trying new techniques.  I always feel a little bit more free to make mistakes, and sometimes that freedom leads to more creative responses.  Overall, it’s just a fun way to complement the Bible Journaling experience!  I’m a happy camper!



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