Tips on Tracing

This was supposed to be my Easter post, but life got away from me a bit!  I’ve learned never to put too much pressure on myself to journal in my Bible.  When I feel ready, God is always there to meet me with just what I most need to hear at the moment!

One of the benefits of thin Bible Paper is that it’s easy to trace images.  Simple black and white images are best.  A piece of washi tape will hold a picture in place well.  On my computer, I re-size the image to fit my 2-inch Bible margins using Microsoft Publisher.  I have a file on my computer called “Margins” which simply has a rectangle the size of the margins in my Bible.  Any time I want to print something for my Bible, I just shrink the image to fit into the rectangle and print it out.  I’ll show a simple traced image later, but I thought I would start with another tracing technique:  graphite paper.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to trace one of Karla Dornacher’s works into my Bible.  She sells traceable images through her Etsy shop.  I purchased the set of four Easter Bookmarks and gravitated to a verse from Peter with a picture of a butterfly.  Since it is such a detailed picture, I thought I might have better luck using graphite paper to transfer the image.  I bought the graphite paper and the stylus at Michaels.


I used a piece of washi tape to tape down the graphite paper and another piece of washi tape to tape down the printed picture.


Here’s how it looked on the page when I was finished (not very promising!).


I wrote over the lines with Micron pens and did my best to erase any remaining marks from the graphite paper.  Then used colored pencils.  Quite a transformation!


I accidentally put this on the wrong page, which left the first page of the book of Peter wide open.  Illustrated Faith has a freebie printable and has a new digital shop, which offered fresh inspiration to the first page of Peter for me!  As I read and re-read the passage, I thought that Kristen Wolbach’s picture of a “hope in the storm” worked well with the passage.  My printer was low on ink, so I went over the image with a Sharpie marker just to make the image clearer.  If I am tracing a large image, I often use washi tape to attach it firmly to the page below.


Then I traced and colored.  I added one more traceable element from the Illustrated Faith store.  This last time, I just sized the image, printed it, and traced it with no fanfare at all.


I know so many people going through hard times.  Sometimes our faith spills out and shines brighter in the midst of life’s trials.  Our faith is so precious to God, more precious than gold!  When we love Jesus truly, it changes us and how we respond.  We may not always act in rational ways through life’s difficulties, but we will act in irrational ways consistent with what Jesus and the Bible teaches.  We are graced with the ability to love always and bear the burden; to go the extra mile!

This next picture has nothing to do with tracing.  As I was working on these pages, I noticed an Illustrated Faith blog post by Stephanie Buice on 1 Peter.  So I read it with interest as I was reading the same passage, I loved how she paraphrased Romans 2:9.  The words from her Bible ended up in mine, too!  As Christians, many of us are called to serve others.  Sometimes it can feel like everybody owns a piece of us and there’s little left over.  These words gave me so much comfort as I read them.  It’s nice to rest in the knowledge that we are God’s special possession and that we are under his care.  He has chosen us and he loves us as His children.  God won’t let our light burn out even in the midst of trials.  It gives me hope in the storm to know I belong to God always!  Praise the Lord for new birth into a living hope!!!