How to Host a Bible Journaling Open House

While I was at the Illustrated Faith event in Virginia, I had the opportunity to meet Connie Denninger and see her studio where friends from her neighborhood gather to do Bible Journaling and other creative endeavors.  While I was standing in her studio, I felt that nudge from the Holy Spirit…”You can do this.”  Immediately I felt the protest begin:  “but I live in a messy, little home.”  But the sense that I just need to do this persisted.  So I called Connie and she gave me some tips:

  • Practicing hospitality is different than entertaining. It’s simply opening your home and welcoming others.
  • It’s ok to “Clear a path,” especially with small children in the home.
  • Whatever you decide to do, keep it simple. Imagine doing the same thing 100 times.

So with these things in mind, I invited a friend and her children over.  I had coffee, cookies, and M&Ms.  I cleared off our kitchen table and set out art supplies.  The older kids spent an hour in their Bibles (believe it or not)!  I have taught Sunday school forever, and I’ve read Bible stories with my son at bedtime, but it was a new experience to be in my home talking with kids about Bible stories.  I am going to do my best to make this a regular weekly practice at our home!  If it’s just our children and me, that’s ok, and if friends want to join us that’s awesome!


2 thoughts on “How to Host a Bible Journaling Open House

  1. love that you followed the prompting from God!! Praise the Lord, I am leading 3 women in my neighborhood in bible study each week who have never read or studied the bible! Love you for sharing your love of God~

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