In the Light of God’s Face

It can feel a little intimidating seeing so many amazing artists adding their own art to the Bible.  I love playing at art, but it’s not something I’ve studied or do for a living.  For me, journaling in the Bible is a fun way to get the Word of God into my heart, more so than about putting my art in the Bible.  I just enjoy the whole process!  It’s a fun way to study the Bible.  I have enough that’s serious in my life!  It’s strange, but after over a year of doing this, I still have a really hard time covering up the words in my Bible with art.  For the most part, I like to keep what I add to the margins; I am not sure why.  I’ve found that my journaling Bible has quickly become my favorite Bible to read for all purposes.  I am not the best at memorizing chapters and verses, but I can always quickly turn to a verse that I’ve journaled.  This Bible has become deeply personal and meaningful to me.

With this next passage, I found myself falling back on some of my favorite supplies:  Microns and stickers.  I love this Bible passage from Psalms and wanted to include as much as possible in the margins.  It’s reassuring to me to find a passage that describes God just as imagine God to be:  Strong, righteous, and just with love and faithfulness always meeting me first, drawing people together in community.  I’ve been pondering the meaning of the festal shout.  I wish I could say that I know it for certain, but two things make sense to me:  1) It’s a joyful noise made together in community.  2)  It’s a shout made for the pure joy of being in the light of God’s love.

A prayer that welled up inside me as I read this passage:

God, you know I long to see your face.  Until then, let me always walk in your light.  Lead me to know the festal shout and guide me to the community of faith where I belong.

I am taking some time this Advent to wait and quietly listen to where God’s leading me.


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