Leave a Little Sparkle

I’ve made it to the last prompt in Writing in the Margins.  What a journey it’s been!

The margins are certainly a sacred “ring of light,” a circle of blessing around the biblical text.  Consider that space a halo of sorts.  Turn to any of these psalms, which are reflections on that light, and write a prayer of thanks for the radiance and sacred presence you have found in the margins.

Then Lisa Nichols Hickman lists four verses, the first of which is Psalm 97:11:  “Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart.”

As I pictured light being sown, the image of a sparkler came to mind.  Fireworks bring me joy, too.  Once I had the idea, the only trick was to make it happen.  I did a few trails on photo copy paper before beginning in my Bible.

I started by masking off part of the page and applying two coats of gesso:


Then I stamped my sparkler image onto masking tape on waxed paper, which I cut it out….(The stamp set is from Winnie & Walter.)003

I put the masking tape images on my paper before covering the area with “Chipped Sapphire” Distress ink.  I used a slightly damp foam applicator to spread the ink.  (Now that I have gesso, I am a bit obsessed with Distress inks.)  And my kids demanded to know:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR BIBLE?!?:


I stamped my sparkler image and the word “sparkle” with chalk edgers.  Then I added a little glitter, wrote the Bible verse along the edge, and added a sticker at top.  Honestly, I added the sticker to help fix a little tear in the page, but I think it works!


My prayer:  Lord, thank you for the ways that making art in the margins of my Bible has brought light and joy into my life!  AMEN




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