Give Thanks

I snuck in just a little time for Bible journaling between baking a pecan pie and spending time with my whole family gathered together at Gramma’s.  The kids are sleeping and happy.  Feeling very grateful and blessed tonight.

Gesso is inspiring me to try new things.  I started by sketching the verse in pencil and then wrote over top of this with Micron pen.  I also did a light pencil sketch of my pumpkin.  Then I put down two thin coats of gesso, used a wet paint brush to apply a wash of distress ink, and then added water color pencils.  Even though its possible to write on top of the gesso, I like to do it first just because pencil marks seem easier to erase this way.



2 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. I love this page, the colors are great! I just learn so much from your blog. Sorry about all the comments, I am working backwards. Enjoy your Bible/ life reflections.

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