Trying Something New

I was so excited about the Illustrated Faith event before I went that I made myself write down a list of what I hoped to accomplish, just so I would have some way of knowing whether the trip led up to all my feelings of anticipation.  And as I looked over my list, everything I hoped happened, but there was one small thing I did not check off my list:  I wanted to try scraping acrylic paint in my Bible with a gift card.  (I totally chickened out and resorted to colored pencils!)

I did pick up a little “Wow God” journal that was included with a “Wow God” stamp set that helped me gain the confidence to do this.  At first I was excited about the stamps and unsure what to do with the little journal.  I came home from the day inspired to keep reducing the clutter in my home.  I am embarrassed to say that this nice little book for a short while found its way to the recycling bin.  I thought, “I probably won’t use this, and I’m not sure who to give it to.”

As I started to see how people used their journals in the Journaling Bible Community, I felt inspired.  The little journal would be the perfect thing to practice what I felt too scared to do in my Bible and it would be fun to fill in the journal along with others doing the gratitude challenge.  So I got some acrylic paints and started credit card painting.  I found the care-free splash of color look a bit hard to achieve.  My first attempts resulted in a paint mess all over the page.  But then I saw a page that I liked on the Facebook group and shamelessly copied it.  Once I did that, I could see how little paint is really needed and how the paint really just needs to be background color for the stamps.  Then I easily came up with my own creation below.

Here’s the steps I would take to do this in my Bible now:

  1. Write down the Bible verse and/or any thoughts you want to write down in the margins to know how much writing space you will need.
  2. Imagine where you might use the stamps.
  3. Think about what background colors would work well with the stamps.
  4. Place the paint on a paper plate or palate and dip just the corner of the credit card into the paint. Apply the paint to the page sparingly in a thin coat.  (For the rainbow stripe, I used a q-tip to put six dots of paint on the card before I dragged it across the page.)
  5. Stamp
  6. If desired, use a paint brush to fill in the stamps with more paint and re-stamp over top of the paint to get a crisp outline as I did with the little bird.
  7. Journal
  8. Add stickers or any other elements the page needs to achieve a carefree look.


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