New Bible!

The other day, I came home to a package on my front door.  I opened it and found a brand new journaling Bible.  It’s  the New King James Version from Holman Bible Publishers, and it’s just beautiful.  I love the layout and that it’s the same version my grandmother read.  It includes some really helpful and useful tools:  a concordance, a daily reading plan, and maps.

new bible

The Bible was sent to me by the little brother of my oldest and dearest friend.  My friend and I have been through every major joy and sorrow together since the first day of kindergarten.  It’s such a blessing in my life to have a friend for those moments when emotion hits unexpectedly.  I can call her up and she knows the whole back story.  She understands and has just the right words to say.  Even though we live too far apart, she is always in my heart and prayers!  As I was thinking about my dear friend, I reflected on the countless hours we spend as children, drawing and coloring together.  Truth be told, when we get together we still break out the coloring books and markers!  No doubt, our experience together is how I know that doodling in my Bible is the very best way to grow in friendship with God.  I am feeling so grateful for the gift of this new Bible and also the gift of friendship!  James 1:17 felt like the right place to celebrate both!


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