The Light Shines in the Darkness

I’ve shared my reflections on the first chapter of John earlier in my post “A Prayer for the Lover of Truth.”  As I looked again at verses 3-5, thinking about what a luminous life might look like, the thought that came to me is that a luminous life is connected to the source.  The passage tells us that all things were made through Christ and that Jesus is the light of men.  Everyone has this light in them.

Reflecting on the light shining in dark places tonight seems to have the light shining on dark places inside me and the cobwebs that lurk there.  I was talking with a friend recently and she said to me, “You are a worrier.”  At first, I protested:  “No, no, I trust God.  I don’t worry about my life or the little things.”  But she corrected me saying “No, but you worry about the world.”  And I couldn’t argue with her there.  I walked away from the conversation thinking, if I can trust God with my life and the things that matter most to me, I ought to be able to trust that the whole world is in good hands.  Most of the things I worry about feel so far beyond my reach, my ability to touch a life or make a difference.  I need to learn to turn my worry into prayer and my prayer into trust and willingness to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  To illustrate this passage, I just did something simple.  I wrote the verse in white gel pen on deep purple origami paper and painted a light with acrylic paint.  On the inside I wrote this prayer:

Lord, May I always be plugged into the source of the true light!  Teach me to trust you in always.  Remind me when I start to worry that you are a mighty fortress!

It’s time to sweep out the cobwebs and remember that “Perfect love drives out all fear.”

mighty fortress

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