A Prayer for Understanding

Reading through the chapter “Marginal Writing in a Digital Age” in Writing in the Margins, one passage really spoke to me:

It is precisely because so much has changed, in this day and age, that we need that sacred text.  When lulled by the trance of the screen, all the more do we need that transcendent dimension in our lives.  When we are beguiled by our ability to “shape worlds” through gaming or voting online, all the more do we need a deeper understanding of the story that reveals God at work shaping our world and our lives.

Recently I had a conversation with an eight-year-old that left me feeling unsettled.  He told me that he believed in science, not God.   I’ve heard this said before, but hearing the words bolding spoken from such a young person was most unexpected.  He seemed to know little about the God in whom he did not believe.  (A book of Bible stories is in his future!)

Shortly after, I was outside playing with my three-year-old daughter.  She carried my thin travel Bible outside.  (Randomly, she told me she needed the book to know how to make rainbows.)  When she got busy doing something else, I had one of those moments.  I was just sitting with a Bible in my hand, praying for a verse to pray for this boy, and I opened the Bible right to Psalm 49.  The Psalm speaks to me of the deep understanding, which is better than riches.  I wrote a prayer for the young boy:

Praying for a young friend to know the wisdom that is better than gold and the understanding that is better than silver.

Praying now that he will also come to know hope and the peace that comes from knowing God.


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