Livable Streets

The next assignment from Writing in the Margins was to go digital:

If you are a digital mark-maker, try pen and Bible.  If you are a pen and Bible margin-writer, try online marking.  What do you learn from this alternative way of working the margins?

I decided to try some digital art.  I found a lot of info and tutorials about digital Bible journaling in this Facebook group dedicated to the topic, and found the whole process surprisingly fun and intuitive.  I can see how illustrating verses digitally could open up a lot of possibilities.  I used Photoshop Elements and vector graphics from Creative Market.  Isaiah 58:1-12 was still on my mind and I had a simple idea for illustrating verse 12. I found this translation of the verse in Lisa Nichols Hickman’s book, and it caught my attention and captured my imagination:

Restorer of livable streets BLUE

I love the image of restoring streets to dwell in and how it speaks to the power of God’s word to shape our world for the better.  Many people think of reading the Bible as a personal spiritual practice, but I think there is a network effect to reading the Bible (and my hope is to encourage more people to pick up their Bibles!).  By “Network effect” I mean the same thing that makes Facebook harder to avoid once more and more people use it or reviews so popular.  Somethings are just better when more people jump in!  Long before Facebook and Amazon or even the phrase “network effect”, the Bible has been a widely shared text.  The power of the Word has changed history, enlivened art, music, and literature, as well as making positive changes to individual the lives of countless individuals.  When I am talking with another person of faith, I know I can draw on words of the Bible to offer encouragement, words that carry with them the promises of the one who breathed life into the scriptures and us.  But the power of Scripture extends beyond me and my friendships.  The stories of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the prophets, and Jesus speak to the possibility of a Kingdom of God where humanity flourishes like a watered garden and where all our streets are livable.  Imagine how different the world would be if more people read the Bible with wisdom and understanding and could simply live love for God and neighbor!  We all benefit the more this happens!!!

I printed my little picture and used washi tape to put it in my Bible:


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