Hold Fast to What is Good

The next prompt in Writing in the Margins:

As Romans 12 continues, in verses 9-18 we read a litany of specific practices that are shaped by scripture.  In your margins, choose one you want to practice.  Write in your margin a specific place where you might lie out this scriptural discipline.

I love this passage.  It just makes me happy!  It seems like I’ve heard it at a lot of weddings recently.  It’s a long passage, so I wrote it out on copy paper and taped it into the Bible:


The practice that comes most easily to me is “Rejoice with those who rejoice.  Weep with those who weep.”  It feels like this is written into my DNA.  The verse “Never be wise in your own sight” spoke to me, too, especially after my embarrassing discovery that I’ve been completely missing the point of the fourth commandment for most of my life.  And, of course, “Let love be genuine” is of primary importance!  But in light of my recent study of the Sabbath, I’ll choose “hold fast to what is good.”  Here’s my margin note:


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