Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing

Before attempting to write in the style of Phil Pringle, I first needed to pick a verse.  I settled on John 15:5-6.  It looks like Phil prints out a verse and then writes all around it, so I’ll do that before bed, put the verse under my pillow, and first thing in the morning see what pours out!  In the meantime, I spent a little time reflecting on the verse, illustrating it, and praying.

There are three people especially on my mind tonight:

  • Rebekah Jones, who asked on Facebook for prayers for her creative ministry;
  • Phil Pringle and his ministry;
  • Jeff Bodziony, the pastor of the Forward Church located in Slavic Village in Cleveland, Ohio.  He read John 15:5 while in prison and the Word changed his life.  He went from dealing drugs to the troubled neighborhood to delivering food and a poetic message of hope.  (A lady I just met in Chambersburg is visiting his church this week on a mission team and will be hosting a children’s program.  I am praying for her, too!)  You can read more about his story here.

Lord, I give thanks for the ways that you have blessed all of the above with creative gifts.  Thank you for their willingness to use their gifts to build your kingdom.  I pray also for the minister of my church, Shanna Noel and Lisa Nichols Hickman as they prepare for an Illustrated Faith event in Virginia this November, and also for the Pope just because he leads such a large church!  Keep all these leaders in your loving care!  May they abide in you and bear much fruit!


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