The Conviction of Things Not Seen

Just a super quick note for tonight!  This is the last in a series of memory verses found at the back of chapter 8 “Praying in that In of Space” in Writing in the Margins by Lisa Nichols Hickman.  With each of these verses, I’ve tried to do something new, push my comfort zone a little.  I still need to get up the courage to paint outside the margins!

For this page, I made a template for the letters out of cardstock.  After I cut out the individual letters, I took a piece of masking tape and taped it to wax paper, traced the letters, and cut them out.  Then I put the individual masking tape letters in my Bible, finished writing out the verse with my black micron pen, and painted with water color.

Maybe in the morning, I’ll wake up with my head filled with thoughts about this verse.  For now it just makes me happy the way this page worked out.  The word “faith” is what is not painted yet!  Just as love can only be freely given and requires free will; faith can only exist when there are still some blank spaces and unanswered questions.


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