Rejoice and Be Glad!

If you walk into a Presbyterian church on Sunday morning, there’s a really good chance that Psalms 118:24 will be the first words you hear in the Worship service:  “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  I have heard this verse countless times as a “Call to Worship.”  It’s hard for me to read it without hearing liturgical flair in the words.

As I’ve been contemplating illustrating this verse, I’ve been pondering how it has changed me to hear this verse so often.  For some reason, this verse comes to mind for me whenever I am having one of those silly days of just one mishap after another.  Just as an example, after I finish this Blog post, I really need to Google “How to get Flarp Noise Putty out of the carpet”.  I really wasn’t expecting to have to deal with that problem tonight.  The verse reminds me to be glad anyways—glad I have a home and children.  As I am doing my best to solve the problem, I will think back to the happy smiles and giggles the same putty brought earlier in the day, how my daughter insisted on two bottles, a pink one for her and a blue one for her brother.  And how she smiled and couldn’t wait to give a bottle to her brother when he came home from school and how ridiculously delighted he was with the stuff.  I will remember that I had a moment of exquisite joy earlier seeing my son have so much fun, while thinking he’s growing up so quickly, but still a boy!  I really wish the putty didn’t end up in the living room rug, but it’s bringing just a tear to my eye, now rolling down my cheek, to think how much I have to rejoice and be glad about.

It’s fitting that this verse gave me the courage to try water color for the first time.  Even if it turned into a giant mishap, I would still remind myself to rejoice and be glad.  The verdict:  Water color works much better than I expected for background color!  I did not prep the page with gesso, I just applied water color carefully.  It didn’t bleed through and only slightly wrinkled the page and I’m sure in time it will flatten under the weight of the closed book.  I’m feeling emboldened!009

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