Spring Renewal!

Love this!  Lisa Nichols Hickman shares the following from the Presbyterian Directory for Worship (reading this makes me happy to be Presbyterian and also feels like an affirmation my humble efforts here!):

One may mediate upon the Word by:

  • committing passages of Scripture to memory,
  • recalling and reflecting upon the revelation of God;
  • analyzing and comparing biblical themes, images, and forms,
  • finding touch points and exploring relationships between Scripture and life;
  • entering imaginatively into the world and events portrayed in the Bible to participate in what God does and promises there;
  • wrestling with the challenges and demands of the offering one’s self afresh for life in response to God.

It is often helpful to keep a record of one’s insights and personal responses to reading, studying, and meditating upon the Word, or to share them with others.

With these suggestions for meditating on the Word in mind, I have a new verse I would like to commit to memory.  The same reader who led me to reflect on Isaiah 55 also suggested reading Romans 12:2.  I love how these two passages read like a question and a response.   As I reflected on Isaiah 55, I found myself wondering if there were any way to make our thoughts and ways more like God’s.  As I read Romans 12:2, I heard a response to my pondering:  What’s needed is a complete renewal of our minds!  I can’t think of a better way to renew our minds then to spend time in God’s Holy Word!


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