To Save, not Condemn

In the eighth chapter of Writing in the Margins, Lisa Nichol Hickman’s shares how her friend Betsy Boyd uses the margins of her Bible to help her write the Word of God onto her heart:

She squiggles wavy lines across the bottom margin of the page.  She picks up her pen.  She writes the words of the text…in between the squiggly lines so there is a particular cadence to the enlarging and shrinking the words of the text.  She grabs a few markers or colored pencils and colors in the shapes that emerge.  Once the margin is complete the scripture text has been etched into here heart and mind for the day just as it reverberates on the edge of the page.

I decided to give this method a try.  There’s a verse that has been very much on my mind this week (especially today as we remember Good Friday).


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