A Dedication

The next prompt in Writing in the Margins…

Why do you write in the margins of your Bible?  Choose a blank space somewhere in your Bible, and write a “margin manifesto.”  Write your own mission statement in the margins.  Turn to this upon occasion to remind yourself why this scriptural discipline is important to you.

I brainstormed a list of reasons for why I write in the margins of my Bible on a scrap of paper.  I started with kind of lofty statement, but settled on a much simpler one because it evoked the strongest emotional response from me…

I write in the margins…

  • to encounter the living God amidst the living Word
  • to deepen my walk with God
  • because it is a fun way to spend time in the Word
  • because it helps me memorize verses and write them in my heart
  • because I want to know the Bible better
  • because it is a creative hobby that just takes a little time each day, but provides endless inspiration
  • because I’ve discovered that as I think about passages in a more creative way, I gain new insights
  • because I want my children to have my Bible as a keepsake of their mother’s faith (I guess I’ll have to fill two Bibles!)
  • because it gives me an excuse to buy and explore different art suppliers (just being honest!)
  • as a way of seeing old familiar passages in new ways
  • as a way of bringing my whole self to meet God in the margins
  • as a way to honor the command to love God with all my heart, soul, and mind

In the small space on the first page, I added a reminder that this is Bible is my sincere effort to follow the first part of the great commandment:  Love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind.  And in the wide open space, I drew a picture of an open Bible and the reminder from Hebrews that the World of God is living and active–you never know what will happen once you open the pages and dive in!


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