Rough Drafts…

While I’m waiting for some new stickers to arrive, I’ll share my process. It still causes me a little anxiety to write and draw in the Bible.  I start to feel more comfortable with the idea after I practice a few times.  I make three photo copies of the passage.  On the first copy, I just write the verse in ball point pen to see how it fits on the page.  On the second copy, I sketch out the idea.  On the third copy, I do a practice page.  I do all the practice while hanging out with my kids.  (They like playing with my art supplies, too!  Notice the bright pink ink on one of the copies!)  Then when I get a quiet moment on my own, I do the final version in the Bible.

An unexpected benefit of art journaling the Bible:  One of the dangers of being a Christian for decades is that sometimes passages of scripture can become too familiar. How many times have I heard and read the Beatitudes?  But spending time with old familiar passages in a new, creative way is giving me a fresh perspective and also helping me to remember how the words have helped shape the person that I’ve become.  Art journaling the Bible feels like spending quality time with an old and dear friend!


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