My Bible Journaling Starter Kit

Here’s what I purchased to get started…

So far I’ve been really pleased with everything.  I am new to the English Standard Version Bible, but it reads in a familiar, easy way to me.  No complaints!

Update (9/3/2015):  It’s been almost a year since I purchased these three things to begin this journey.  If you check out the supplies page, there are more ideas and supplies that I’ve added over the year!  I love my Bible all the more and micron pens are still my favorite.  Seeing Mrs. Grossman stickers in my Bible make me smile.  If I were to add one item to my original list, it would be a good set of colored pencils.  I hope that you stumbled upon this post because you are thinking of starting a creative journey through your Bible!  It is such a wonderful way to spend time in the Word!  Wishing you many blessings!!!

One thought on “My Bible Journaling Starter Kit

  1. I am SOOOO glad I found your blog! Your supply list & reviews have helped me so much! I am brand new to journaling and after visiting/reading your page, I am even more excited to begin 🙂
    Be Blessed

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