The Catholic Journaling Bible

For my growing collection of Journaling Bibles, I pre-ordered The Catholic Journaling Bible months ago and it finally arrived…

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In the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Community, I’ve noticed a number of requests for a Catholic Journaling Bible.  You might ask what makes a Catholic Bible different from a Protestant Bible:  It has more books.  I circled them below…

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There is a well-known Presbyterian minister who became Catholic named Scott Hahn; he came to appreciate that Catholics have more of everything.  I’ve read Scott’s book “Rome Sweet Home” and while he has not convinced me to become Catholic myself (I really relate to his wife Kimberly’s reservations; I think communion should be a sign of Christian unity, not disunity), I do share with Scott Hahn a sincere desire to encourage everyone to read the Bible and chew the Word of God.  Spending time in the Word in a creative way has deepened my spiritual life and drawn me closer to God.  It has helped me to appreciate the fullness of God’s love and what it means to love God and love others.

The translation is the New American Bible Revised Edition.  I am almost entirely certain this is the translation read at the local Catholic church.  When I went to Christmas Eve mass, I was struck by the wording of the following passage from Isaiah 9:6:  “They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace.” (This is how it reads in the Journaling Bible, too.)

The Bible is beautiful.  Each book begins with an overview…


And there are many pages of beautiful word art throughout the Bible…

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What I appreciate most about this Bible is the helpful, academic footnotes throughout, which are a great help in understanding the text.

You can tell just from the photographs that the pages of this Bible are very thin.  All Bibles have thin paper, but the paper in both The Inspire Praise and the My Promise Bible is less transparent and slightly thicker.  But I can still use my Micron pens without any bleed-through, so it’s all good!

If you have been longing to doodle or take notes or write prayers in Tobit, now you can!

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