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The Inspire coloring books are a fun addition (or alternative to) Bible Journaling.  The pages are thick like other adult coloring books and work wonderfully with markers and colored pencils. Bleedthrough is not a concern!  Pictured below is Inspire Proverbs and Inspire Psalms.


Each of the above books contain the text of the whole book from the Bible in the New Living Translation with pictures to color and room to journal.  Some verses have whole-page coloring pages.

Here’s an uncolored page from Proverbs:

IMG_7862 (2)

Other verses are illustrated in the margins.  This is from Psalms…

IMG_7863 (1)

The pages are often very detailed.  Coloring the page below took me as long as it typically does to do three or four entries in my journaling Bible.  Still, I really loved meditating on this verse, especially after my recent self care dare.  For Christmas last year, I received some Faber Castell Artist pens, which I used for this page.

IMG_7860 I love to collect motivational/inspirational quotes, so I’m going to add quotes to the margin space and pictures in my Proverbs book.  If I put them all in one place I can find them again!

I may add the lyrics to my favorite Christian songs to the book on Psalms.

As I colored the verse “A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body” on the page above, I kept thinking of the Reiki precepts:

If only for today…

  • I will not worry.
  • I will not get angry.
  • I will be grateful.
  • I will work diligently.
  • I will be kind to other people.

Reiki is a form of alternative healing that can be practiced with traditional medicine; all of the above are considered “good medicine for any illness.”  It’s easy to see why!

I was thinking about how worry and anger are both forms of discontentment.  Worry and anger are not effective responses; the best thing they can do is tell us that there’s a problem.  Then we have to make a choice about how to move forward.  There are two remedies:  1) Change the situation (work diligently) or 2) Change perspective (practice gratitude).  Sometimes it’s not a choice:  once we have done everything we can do, we may have resort to a change in perspective.

The serenity prayer just popped in my head:  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.  (The key is the wisdom to know the difference!)

Putting all these thoughts into practice, along with practicing kindness to others, leads to a peaceful heart.  And as Solomon says, a peaceful heart is good for the body!  The wonderful thing about the Reiki precepts: it’s enough to put these in practice, just for today!  It’s ok if you were bad at putting them into practice yesterday and as Jesus says:  “Do not worry about tomorrow; the problems of the day are sufficient!”

In some ways, coloring can be more relaxing than journaling.  My favorite thing about working on the page above is that my own kids and some neighbors sat down to color with me.  One of life’s great joys for me is talking and coloring!


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  1. I discovered Bible Journaling about 2 months ago immediately before both my husband and I were diagnosed with cancer within 3 days of each other. It kept me calm, peaceful and sane during the many hours thus far in both the hospital and at home. While my cancer has been dealt a deathblow by surgery without either chemo or radiation, my husband’s is said to be incurable. Both of us are being sustained greatly through the discoveries and the beauty of my Bible Journaling reading & artistry.

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