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Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different planners:  Day-timers, a three-ring binder with a daily to-do list, and the Happy Planner.  I know in this digital age it may seem strange to have a paper planner, but personally I find it so helpful to have one book where I can write all my notes and appointment reminders, just as I keep all my art in my Bible!  Below is a collection of planners I’ve used over the past few years.

I was happy to discover that the Illustrated Faith Planner has a similar layout to a DayTimer with a monthly calendar spread and a weekly place to journal “to do” lists and notes.  The Illustrated Faith planner is much thicker than a Daytimer, but it’s shorter and narrower so that it could fit in a large purse.  The major advantage is that the Illustrated Faith planner is very pretty and coordinates with my Bible Journaling supplies.  Of course, all the supplies that work well in a Bible also work well in a planner, too.  My planners are practical and always get messy, but stickers and washi tape make everything more fun.


Through the years, I’ve learned its best to keep all appointments on one monthly calendar.  I started filling in a few dates today.  The eye glasses on the page reminded me that I needed to make an eye exam appointment.

IMG_7004 (2)

Today, I also thought a little bit about how best to use the weekly layout.  One really cool tip, I learned from Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith is to use washi tape to divide the planner page in half.  This lets you carve out space for whatever you need to plan.  I like to plan our dinners and grocery shop once a week.  I also find it motivating to keep a quick log of my simple home workouts.  I love the idea of writing down prayers in my planner when others ask me to pray for them or when I have a joy to remember.  This still leaves me a little room for some word art and adding a memory or picture from the week.  There are so many different ways to organize the journaling space.

For each day:  I am in the habit of writing down the three things I would like to get done each day.  Many other things always come up, but I find if I set my priorities and limit the list to just three things, I get a lot more done.


I don’t know that I’ll stick with the color scheme below, but I picked out a color for all the things in life I need to plan.  The Tombow Dual Brush Markers are nice for planners since they don’t bleed and they come in so many colors that its easy to match a color scheme.


I had fun playing a bit today with the new planner.

Today was the kind of crazy busy day that reminded me why I need a planner.  I’m in the midst of a big project at work.  My daughter had a dance recital practice tonight.  My son had a baseball game.  I had concession duty.  I also had a Deacon meeting.  My mom asked me to join her at an event, too.  That’s five places to be at one time!

In the midst of rushing here and there, for a brief moment, I caught a beautiful glimpse of my daughter in her dance outfit and my son in his baseball uniform.  I didn’t quite have time to take a picture, but I savored the moment in the midst of the craziness.  I thought of the phrase:  “Life is what happens when you are planning something else!”  Somehow everything fell into place tonight with the help of my husband (who now can make snow cones and walking tacos), neighbors, and grandparents!  I’m grateful for this crazy, but fun season of life!  And for a fun, new planner to help me figure out how to get it all done!

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