Guest post by Lisa Nichols Hickman, author of Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of Your Bible.

There are some awesome guys in the Bible Journaling Community. Today I want to introduce you to Adam Walker Cleveland – father to a new baby and founder of Illustrated Children’s Ministry (Click onto his website if you would like to download a sample pack.)


I asked Adam about his entrance into journaling and faith formation.  Here’s what he had to say:

“My entrance into the coloring craze was quite accidental. I always loved coloring and drawing as a kid, but it wasn’t until my mid-30s that I got back into drawing and sketching, and eventually doodling. The doodles/patterns that I started doing turned out to work really well as coloring page designs, and a friend of mine encouraged me to consider enlarging them into posters to sell for churches and families to color during Advent, and other church seasons.



For over 15 years, I worked in both camping ministry and youth ministry in the parish setting, and now that I am outside of the parish and doing non-traditional ministry, I feel like I am impacting even more people and churches around the world. For example, over 1000 churches around the world used our Advent Coloring Posters this past Christmas, and almost all of them found the posters to be able to provide them with very meaningful intergenerational opportunities.  We have the hope that our Lenten resources will reach even more folks!



It’s extremely fulfilling to know that work I created at my kitchen table in Skokie, Illinois, is creating these types of programs and opportunities for children, youth, adults and older adults throughout the world.  I have received too many testimonials of communities and congregations who have used our materials. It’s been especially meaningful to see photos of parents and children coloring together or doing Advent or Lent devotions together and finding that with a downloadable PDF resource and some crayons, that Illustrated Children’s Ministry could help them find a space to be together and have conversations they wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise.


When I first started, I was doing everything by hand – but when our production picked up, I switched over to the 12.9″ iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil and the Procreate iOS app. They’ve been amazing additions to the tools I use – and although I really do enjoy using real pens on real paper, I also love drawing on the iPad and seeing it come to life.”

For those of you who like topical studies, you might enjoy Adam’s scripture verses and coloring pages for an Il-lustrated Earth devotion.


Here, he lists four scripture verses in three areas for reflection on water stories, plant and food stories, and animal stories of the Bible.  Try journaling the verses in your margins – and then compare your images to his illustrations.  Or, use his illustrations for inspiration for your Bible!


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