And Seek You and Trust You

I’ve been coloring in my Inspire Bible tonight as I watch the election results comes in.  I’ll try to share some thoughts tomorrow.  The election results are still coming in as I write, but I am feeling the pain of Clinton supporters, the joy of Trump supports, and the fear of change.  I count myself a passionately moderate person, and I have friends and family who support both candidates.  I am praying for healing for our nation and for peace.

Keep seeking…


Keep trusting God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.


God, I pray for the nation tonight.  This has been an extraordinarily difficult election and a big surprise political upset only adds to the drama.  Help us to trust you and not lean on our own understanding.  Bring peace to the minds of those who have been worried about the election and to all who are disappointed.  This election has taken an emotional toll.  Bring healing to our nation.  Please raise up those that love you and seek you and trust you.  Raise ’em up!  But first give us all some sleep!  Guard us and protect us through the night.  Guide us in the morning.  Amen.

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