A Few Thoughts on Blogging

I just renewed the domain name for this blog, which reminds me that it’s been two years since I got started.  My hope when I began my blog was simply to inspire others to spend time in the Bible in a creative way.

I love the Bible and feel deeply convicted that it is a book for everyone.  When I see the Bible on the list of most challenged books, I think people today are so confused about the Bible and the positive impact that it has had on history, culture, and the lives of millions of people around the world.  It is filled with treasure.  My heart’s desire upon starting the blog was simply to do something to inspire more people to take their Bible’s off the shelf and read.

Maybe it’s something about being raised Presbyterian.  I remember reading in confirmation class that Presbyterians were leaders in the movement for public education in our country.  The hope:  Everyone would be able read the Bible.

It’s been a blessing and a gift to see the Bible journaling movement explode.  When people share creative interpretations of Biblical passages they naturally gravitate to passages that have spoken to generation after generation.  They share the verses and stories that have changed the course of history.  They share the Bible that I’ve heard preached at church.

(not the Bible others think should be banned—a rather narrow-minded view, in my opinion.)

That was my hope at first.

Here’s the funny thing about my Christian life:  the fruit of my endeavors always seems to be in my own life, growing my faith, helping my spiritual formation.  I start out thinking that I am going to do something for God or the Bible, but God doesn’t need my help, and the Bible doesn’t exactly need a cheerleader.  When I look back on the past two years, I see a wonderful adventure in my own life.

So if you are feeling the nudge to begin a blog yourself, I thought I’d share some of unexpected benefits of blogging:

  • I’ve become more comfortable being known for the kind of Christian that I am. I’ve always been a quiet Christian, very at home in secular circles at school and at work and in social settings.  And even at church, I keep certain things to myself.  For example, I am a Presbyterian who loves reading about the lives of Catholic saints.  I just don’t generally bring that up!  One of my earliest posts was about St. Francis.  When I posted it, I felt like I just confused everyone in my life.  Blogging helps me keep it real!
  • I’ve become more comfortable writing. Most of us learn to write in school or in our professional lives, where a certain style of writing is preferred.  Blogging has helped me find a voice that feels natural to me.  This has helped me in all the writing I do.  I once struggled to write simple e-mails!
  • I had a writing instructor say “Writing is a tool for thinking.” As I work out my thoughts on my blog after doodling in my Bible, I’ve made all kinds of fun discoveries connecting one passage to another or to my own life.
  • It’s not possible to write about every event, but the events I have blogged about remain part of my prayer life whether it be the conflict in Syria or trouble race relations in the U.S.
  • The blog has kept me accountable. This has happened more often than I can count:  I post something on my blog and find the passage I just wrote about applies directly to my life.  This has helped me live my faith.  My post on gelatos, which became my most-read post, is a case in point.  The words I wrote about service have been guiding me through this year.
  • Best of all: writing a blog has helped me make wonderful connections.  I’ve made treasured friends, who share my love of the Word and making good use of the margins!

If you are feeling the nudge to start a blog, it’s easy to do.  You may inspire others to begin a journey in Bible journaling.  You may find the greatest adventure is your own!



2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Blogging

  1. amen to all of this- Sally and I am so thankful that your writing and posting has allowed me to see your heart and grow to love your journey too! Blessings!

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