Getting to Know Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Dual Brush Markers Overview…

What they are:  High quality water-based markers with a brush tip and fine tip.

Why they are great for Bible Journaling:  Many high-end blendable markers are alchohol-based and are designed to bleed so that brush strokes completely disappear.  Tombow markers work better on thin Bible pages since they are water-based and odor-free.  They come in 96 colors, which makes it easy to find a light, middle, and dark color for creating a blended, three-dimensional look.  The brush tip makes brush lettering easy.

Page prep needed:  Gesso, strongly recommended.

Ideas:  Writing, doodling, brush lettering, coloring, stamping

These markers were a Christmas present from my husband.  He definitely knows the way to my heart!  As it turns out, ninety-six colors is a lot of colors.  I did my best to sort them in rainbow order.  My eyes were exhausted at the end of the exercise!  I’m not sure that I have all the colors listed the way the company would categorize them, but this will give you an idea….


The nice thing about having so many colors to choose from is that it’s easy to find colors that work together well for creating a shaded look.

After my most recent post on the story of Creation in the Garden of Eden, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how simple the Biblical version of paradise really is:  A garden to care for and a wife to love.  In Ecclesiastes, Solomon comes away with this conclusion about life that seems to go write back to the simple picture of paradise painted in the garden of Eden:  The best thing for us is to simply enjoy our toil and find someone to share our life with.  I illustrated a few verses from Ecclesiastes that came to mind as I thought about the Creation story…

The Tombow markers are fun for just writing and doodling….(I put geso down on the page first.


They also work great for stamping.  I love the Homespun Alphabet Stamps from Illustrated Faith, but they are so big that I don’t think they work well inked in black on Bible pages, but I found that if I colored the stamps with the Tombows it created a nice translucent effect….(After coloring the stamp, I just huffed on the stamp with my breath to introduce a little extra moisture before stamping.  I painted this page with gesso first, too.)


And the loveliest things about Tombow brush markers is that it’s really easy to do brush lettering.  I followed the style of Dawn Nicole and wrote out this verse with my Tombow Brush pen.  I also colored in some stamps from Growing Meadows….


In all the examples above I coated the page with gesso first.  I was wondering what would happen if I didn’t.  I’ve run out of pages in the back of my Bible, so I tested the markers in the preface by stamping and writing out one of my favorite hymns.  The pens don’t exactly bleed, but they shadow in a distracting way, so I think I’ll keep using the gesso with these pens.  I had a little bleedthrough in one spot where I stamped a small star….

more love to thee

I wouldn’t say that Tombow Dual Brush markers are an absolute must-have for Bible Journaling, but they would definitely be part of my version of paradise!

Here’s one more neat thing you can do with these markers….




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