Lessons from an 8-Year-Old

My son’s journaling Bible arrived today, and he seriously could not wait to dive in; there was no stopping him.  He said he wanted to start by drawing a shark.  I wasn’t quite ready to do the creation story, so the next best place I could think for a shark was someplace in God’s long monologue in Job.  When my son looked at the passage, he quickly decided to do a lion in a den.  He reached for some water colors and painted the den.  He asked me how to draw a lion.  Then he put a little lion in the den and colored it with colored pencils.  Then he added a sun and some blue for the sky.  I asked him to write the verse in the margin, which he did.  And then he added an answer to the question the verse asked.

What absolutely astonished me was how completely fearless he was about Bible Journaling.  Of course, he has seen me do this for over a year, but he has also seen me doing rough drafts and careful pencil drawings first.  I still get nervous doodling in the bible.  He just dove in.

What I learned:

  • Just start.
  • Think of something you enjoy drawing and a verse to match.
  • Be willing to change course as you reflect on the text.
  • Use whatever art supplies are on the table.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • There’s always room for a picture of a lion somewhere in your Bible!


Before bed, he asked to do another page.  We talked about more things that he likes to draw and he mentioned a tree, so I suggested Psalm 1.  I asked him why do you think the Bible says that a person who studies God’s word is like a tree planted by the water?  He said, “Well, a tree planted by the water is growing in the right place.”  And I said, “Yes, spending time in the Bible is the perfect place to grow spiritually.”  He said, “I’ll make it an apple tree, because it says the tree will bear fruit.”  I just smiled on the inside (maybe got a little teary, shhh!  My son thinks I cry way too easily.)



One thought on “Lessons from an 8-Year-Old

  1. Love that your son is embracing this beautiful process! I started my Bible art journal last week. I’m so cautious….I’ll have to remember the wisdom of your 8 year old=). Thanks for sharing! Maybe I’ll remember to bring mine to Bible Study next week.

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