Transgressing in Love

I belong to a Facebook group called the Journaling Bible Community.  The group is hosted by Shanna Noel, who ignited the Illustrated Faith movement when she first brought her scrapbooking supplies to the pages of her Bible.  The group has about 20,000 members who share examples of art in their Bibles.  It’s an amazing, supportive, and encouraging group of Christians from many different backgrounds who share a love of the Bible and a creative approach to reading it.  If you haven’t explored it, I highly recommend it!

The funny thing is at least once a week someone posts an observation along the lines:  “Your art is really pretty, but I just don’t think you should be covering God’s Word with paint.”  And if a week goes by without a member complaining, then there will be a member who shares a story of feeling completely misunderstood and hurt by a relative or church member, taking offense upon seeing art in the Bible.

When I heard Makoto Fujimua describe his Four Gospels project and say that art is always transgressive and heard him speak of the need to transgress in love, the words rang true!  I listened to Makoto’s commencement speech at Belhaven University.  He shared the story of the woman who anoints Jesus with costly perfume just before his death as an example of transgressing in love, and I felt inspired to illustrate this passage.  I’d like to dedicate this page to Shanna Noel, who has definitely done a beautiful thing for Jesus by drawing so many people deeper into the Bible!  I pray God will continue to bless her amazing creative ministry!!!


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