Praying for the Holy Spirit

Sometimes I think to myself, if I ever did a process video…

Tonight it would have been me sitting on the floor of the bathroom cutting little letters out of masking tape while my daughter splashed and played in the tub!  Little bits of tape and waxed paper were scattered all around me!

Cutting these little letters out gave me lots of time to meditate on this verse:  “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.”  I can’t help hoping that the Holy Spirit will descend upon the country and turn people’s hearts toward peace.  Syria’s history is filled conquests and wars and violence.  Even times of peace are punctuated by feasts and pilgrimages celebrating various martyrs.  (I’ve been reading more of Among the Ruins.)  What if God’s spirit prevailed?  Power and might have been tried again and again, and it just keeps bringing heartache and a hunger for vengeance.  What if a totally different way was tried?  I feel like a country with the heritage that Syria has deserves better than an authoritarian state and much better than a violent group of extremists with no regard for the country’s national treasures.  Yes, there are amazing architectural treasures, but the greatest treasures are its people and the traditions they have stubbornly continued, like Christians who still insist on speaking Aramaic and Catholics who live tucked in neighborhoods surrounded by statues of Mary, who hold their ground, saying “We were here first.”  A better solution may take thinking differently, plenty of patience and time, but I believe with God, all things are possible.  The Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims all trace our spiritual ancestry to Abraham.  I pray that we may all walk like Abraham in faith and loving kindness.


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