What Is a Luminous Life?

I was looking back over my recent posts about a luminous life.  I picked a take away from each reflection to write an answer to the question:  What Is a Luminous Life?

A luminous life is filled with warmth and love.  We can look to the light, even in the midst of troubles, have faith in God’s greatness, and remain open to learning from all life’s experiences.  God’s light is healing when we’ve been misunderstood.  We know that God knows the truth about us and sees our heart.  Instead of troubled nights, God’s light gives us joy and peace.  God’s light can also shine on the dark places within us to help us clean up our act as needed.    A luminous life is one that is plugged into the source of true light so that we shine brightly.  God’s light helps us to see the image of God in each person we meet and helps us see ourselves more clearly, too.  God’s light allows us to bloom and be ourselves in front of any audience.  It is a light that brings us out of hiding and gives us fellowship with God and one another.

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