Like a Watered Garden

I probably should have read ahead before filling the margins of this page in my last post.  This prompt led me from the margins of the page to the gutter:

Isaiah 58:9b-14 describes a changed world that will emerge.  Write in the margin what actions we need to do to live into that change.  Write in the margin what actions God will do.  Draw a picture, using the imagery of Isaiah 58:12 to depict this changed world:

The actions that I listed:

  • Take away the yoke.
  • Stop pointing fingers and speaking wickedness.
  • Pour yourself out for the hungry.
  • Satisfy the afflicted.

I simply underlined the list of actions God promises to do.  Most of all, I love the promise that God will continually guides us as we walk in His ways!

The image that captured my imagination was “Like a watered garden.”

(I used the washi tape to fix a small tear at the top of the page.)


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