Uphold Me with a Willing Spirit

The next prompt in Writing in the Margins:

Psalm 51:10 prays for a clean heart.  The old adage says, “Dirty Bible, Clean Heart.”  Put some of your life dirt on the Bible page and offer these words to God as a confession.

My thinking can change quite drastically from the time I start reflecting on a prompt to the time that it ends up in my Bible.  My first thoughts scanned my whole life for tabloid-worthy “dirt”, but this prompt and this passage happened to find me at a time when something is weighing pretty heavily on me that I simply need to do, and “my dirt” relates more to this present concern.  It’s not particularly sensational (if my kids ever want to open the envelope they will be disappointed)!  It’s just an area of my life that needs improvement.

As I worked this out, God helped me to see this dirt more from the perspective of a gardener.  By confessing to God, it felt like I allowed God to get to work, and I felt an area of new growth opening before me.   What felt heavy, began to feel lighter.  I experienced a new confidence and trust in God.  I have always loved Psalm 51, but it has an extra special place in my heart now.


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