Don’t Be Anxious

Lisa Nichols Hickman lists Matthew 16:26 as a memory verse for drawing a creative interpretation.  I was grateful for the suggestion because Matthew 16 is so filled with verses worthy of committing to memory that I probably would have been unable to make a decision!

This verse, which is tucked in a passage largely about worry, would honestly have been easy for me to overlook.  What spoke to me as I illustrated this verse is that Jesus suggests that we are of more value to God than the birds, and as a bird lover, I sincerely don’t think this is meant to undercut the value of birds.  Seeing robins suddenly appear all over our neighborhood at the start of spring fills me with happiness.  Coloring the sweet picture of the bird in her nest made me think off the joyous times, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a robin build a nest, lay her eggs, and raise her chicks in the trees and bushes of our yard.  And also of that moment, when I first see the nest empty and how it reminds me to treasure the moments that I have with my own children.  I imagined God watching over our own little home and seeing our family grow with great love and interest.  I know God loves and cares for us, and I trust in his promise to meet all our needs.

With the list of memory verses found at the end of the chapter, I’ve been pushing my comfort zone a little; I gave stamping a try for the first time in my Bible.  After reading a review of various inks, I settled on StazOn ink (a solvent ink pad that is supposed to have less bleed through than dye-based inks).  The ink did bleed through the thin pages of the Bible just a little.  I imagine this will become less of a problem as the ink ages.  I’ve seen so many beautiful stamped pages on Pinterest and Facebook, but personally I found stamping in the Bible to be terrifying.  This seems a little silly given the passage!  Don’t be anxious, right?  But with stamping, there is just one chance to position the stamp and have the ink print correctly.  I suddenly saw the value of clear stamps versus wooden blocks after this experience!


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