A Prayer for a College Student

At Thanksgiving I asked the college-aged daughter of my friend (the one who loves the first passage in the book of John) for her favorite verse, too.  She gave me this response:  “you know…where it says that nothing can separate us from the love of God.”  Right now I am just wishing I could say “Bless you!” to her for giving me a straight-forward simple verse!  I love this one, too!!!


(I printed the verse in a variety of fonts. Then I simply traced the lettering on a sheet of transparent scrapbooking paper with hearts and used a glue stick to attach the word art to the page.)

A Prayer a College Student:  Even though she may be away from home, help her know that nothing can separate her from the love of God.  Give  her the grace to focus on studies and do well on her final exams.  Grant her traveling mercies as she returns home for the holidays.  Amen.

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