Happy Dance!

The next prompt from Writing on the Margins:

2 Samuel 6:14 speaks of David dancing before the ark.  This moment marked the edge of something new that God was up to among the people of Israel.  Rabindranath Tagore suggests we might dance on the edge of the page.  What is God up to anew in your life that is worthy of a dance?  Give thanks for that in the edge of the margin next to 2 Samuel 6:14

What a fun prompt!  It should be apparent what has me doing a happy dance!  I am overjoyed to see how Bible journaling has spread like wildfire.  It is so cool and inspiring to see scrapbookers and mixed media artists turn their attention to the margins of the Bible.  (But you don’t have to be a great artist to get started.  All you need is a desire to spend time in the word in a new way!  Take it from someone who is totally learning as she goes!!!)

In October I joined a Facebook group organized by artist Shanna Noel called the Journaling Bible Community.  When I joined there were just over 2000 members.  Six weeks later there are over 5,000 members.  And the group was only started in August 2014.  I am blown away (and humbled) by the beautiful and inspiring artwork that pops up in my Facebook newsfeed each day.

Just as David was a little reluctant to bring the ark of God into Jerusalem, it’s quite common for people to join the group and confess “It is kind of scary to get started.”  If you are new to the concept of Bible journaling (and who isn’t?), the group offers an amazing opportunity to see how Bible journaling has blessed those who give it a try!  Once you start, I imagine you will be doing a happy dance, too!!!

Here’s the prayer that found itself in the margins of this passage:

Dear God, thank you for the ways you show up in our lives.  I feel like dancing with joy when I see so many people meeting you in the margins of their Bibles!  Bless the ways that people are coming to your Word in new and surprising ways, and bless the rapidly growing Journaling Bible Community!  Love, Sally


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