A Prayer for the Blank Space Ahead

The next prompt from Writing in the Margins:

Find a blank space in your Bible and write a prayer for blank spaces in your life.

The first prayer that came to mind was a prayer for the wide open blank space of the future and a desire to bring my will into consonance with God’s will for my life.

I thought about putting the prayer next to a verse that spoke to me regarding my future (in a personal way), but there were just too many to choose from. I thought about artfully doing all 24 verses that popped into my mind, but that would set me back weeks!  So then I wrote a quick prayer on the last page of the Bible and filled the last two pages with the verses that came to mind, many of them in tension with one another.  In life and the Bible there is a tension between dreaming/planning and doing/being.  As I wrote out the many verses, I thought about the question:  What is the right balance between preparedness and simply trusting?  Jesus writes consider the lilies of the fields, but Solomon urges readers to consider the ant!  I guess even though we don’t fully know what tomorrow brings, the best solution is to prepare prayerfully for the plans our hearts make without a lot of anxiety and to move forward into the future confident that God will be with us and everything will work out for the good!

The end result looks a little crazy. I’ll share it anyway as an example of what happens when you completely erode the margins on the page!  (Don’t do it!)  I was curious about my brain dump of Bible verses that speak to me when I start thinking of my future.  Many verses from Proverbs came to mind (even more than made it to my page!).  There were three verses from Philippians (which surprised me).  The remaining verses came from Joshua, the prophets (Isaiah and Jeremiah), the Psalms, the Gospels, James, and two more letters of Paul (Hebrews and Romans).  The passage that offers me the most comfort is Psalm 139.  Verses from this Psalm appear in the top left and bottom right corners of the page.


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