Love God. Love Others.

Really and truly the practice of Christianity can be summed up in the two great commandments. Love God. Love others.  It should be simple, right?

So why do we have the long history from Adam and Eve, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, the kings, and the prophets? Why do we have four versions of the Gospel story and all the formational letters for the early church and Revelation?  Why do we have two thousand years of church tradition, stories of saints, doctrines and creeds, and the proliferation of churches around the world.  How did a message so simple get so complicated?

I believe God’s hand is still at work. God just wants us to know something of the breadth and length and height and depth of love.  I know that personally I’ve just begun to comprehend the love of Christ and that love far surpasses all knowledge!  God loves you and me, too!!!

My heart stickers came out to play:


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