An Unexpected Treasure Delivered to My Door

My father read this blog and showed up at my house with a delivery. He brought me my Grandmother’s well-loved, large-print King James Bible.  I made a fun discovery:  My grandmother was a margin writer!  She left little notes and also the dates that showed the last time she read each chapter.  The notes show that she read through the Bible cover-to-cover three times in ten years before passing away at age 100 (and was working toward a fourth reading!).  I am grateful to have my grandmother’s Bible as a companion for this journey!   The note on the first page of Proverbs says:

Wisdom involves the practical application of God’s teachings to every day living.

Just knowing how important the Bible was to my grandmother (and so many others from prior generations) gives me a certain passion to inspire more people in our busy, easily distracted generation to have a new reason to break open their Bible and read! I would love to do something to help restore Biblical literacy among Christians and non-Christians alike.  It makes this Presbyterian a little sad to read statistics and hear anecdotes regarding how little people today know about the Bible.  And few and far between are people who can read the Bible like my grandmother did:  as a single story of redemption and love!


My Grandmother’s Bible!

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